Print is Dead but Journalism is Still Alive

November 20, 2012

Print media is going down, while digital media continues to grow. Big news moguls have been commenting that anyone with a computer or phone can be a reporter, but that leads into the quantity vs. quality argument. But with the digital media onslaught, new tools have entered the journalism world that makes the field better. Computer World makes note of a new tool in “Open Source Spotlight: How DocumentCloud Adds Depth to Digital Journalism.”

DocumentCloud is an open source product designed for the Internet journalist or college student. It provides bibliographic information, annotation tools, and a Cloud where it can be added a primary source document. DocumentCloud was made for journalist by journalists and it is already being used by many top news Web sites. As an open source project, DocumentCloud is powered by:

“Behind the scenes the project is driven by software including Apache’s Solr/Lucene search platform. DocumentCloud also uses the Tesseract OCR engine developed by HP and open sourced in 2005. “We, in turn, have been giving back to the open source community as well,” Pilhofer says.”

Since the open source community prides itself on sharing, DocumentCloud shares every line of code. Journalism and technology have always worked hand and hand, though print and digital fight each other. DocumentCloud closes the barrier for any reluctant technology users. The DocumentCloud team takes advantage of the Apache Lucene search, much like how LucidWorks did for its search applications. LucidWorks uses Apache Lucene to power its powerful and trusted enterprise and Big Data search products.

Whitney Grace, November 20, 2012

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