Do Not Always Use Relational Databases

November 28, 2012

Relational databases are the building blocks for most digital information structures, not to mention the basis for big name software such as Oracle and NoSQL. Infoworld noticed that the high demand in Big Data requires developers to take a second look at the type of databases they are using with “10 Things Never to Do With a Relational Database.”

The article is a list that focuses on tasks that most people try to complete with relational databases, such as e-mail, media repository, product cataloguing, high frequency trading, and more. The number one item to never do with a relational database is search.

The articles states:

“Even the most dedicated Oracle shops tend not to use Oracle Text, the extension Oracle bought for its database but doesn’t seem to develop very actively. Instead, you see a lot of people using complicated queries that are heavy on like and or operators. The results for these are ugly and the capabilities are weak — and the processes for getting the data just the way Oracle needs it are tough. Outside of Oracle, many other RDBMS products don’t have real search extensions.”

Most developers turn to outside search applications, like those created by the open source community. Search is a complicated matter that does not fit into the usual square relational database model. Out-of-the-box solutions are not programmed to do the heavy lifting needed for Big Data search. LucidWorks is a full-scale company that developed search applications especially for Big Data. The professional staff and dedicated engineers at LucidWorks give  customers a confidence in having problems solved efficiently that some other open source companies may lack.

Whitney Grace, November 28, 2012

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