Revolutionary New Technologies are Needed to Deliver Information in Age of Big Data

November 29, 2012

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal discussed how big data was the next Next Big Thing. “Big Data Is On The Rise, Bringing Big Data Questions” cites the recent Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford Event that focused on this very topic. Even though the phrase is used so frequently, big data solutions have only gone beyond a pilot stage in about 6 percent of companies. 18 percent are still in the pilot stage.

These statistics show the reason behind all the mention of big data in the media. Companies want to understand it and why they need it. Data evangelists say that it holds the significance of our businesses, lives and society.

The article talks the business side of things while referencing one of the presenters:

Michael Chui has extensively researched the area for McKinsey Global Institute. His conclusion is emphatic: ‘The use of data and analytics in general is going to be a basis of competition going forward for individual firms, for sectors and even for countries. Those companies that are able to use data effectively are more likely to win in the marketplace.’

Whether big data has already exploded or the best is yet to come, one thing is for sure. Companies utilizing next-generation solutions to deliver information, such as PolySpot, in this age of big data are bound to outdo those who are not currently invested in this kind of revolutionary technology.

Megan Feil, November 29, 2012

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