Range of Big Data Vendors Includes Information Delivery Experts

November 30, 2012

Sometimes an article comes along that simply hits the nail on the head. Venture Beat recently published one that does just that: “Big Data’s Dirty Secret: Companies are Storing Data but Don’t Know What to do with it.” The author posits on the whereabouts of case studies on big data and proceeds to fill in the gap. Conversations regarding big data are often relegated to technical aspects or theoretical and hypothetical predictions and projections.

Conferences such as CloudBeat, a conference that focuses on innovative cloud-based technologies, are showcasing companies using NoSQL databases to drive their business strategy.

The article zeroes in on the case study presented by Hope Arenas, Group Manager of e-Business Development at Bosch Tool Corporation, a company that provides power tools:

Arenas described how the company selected AgilOne to help standardize and collect data.’ What wasn’t easy was getting everyone on the same page and getting it clean and processed,’ Arenas explained. ‘We are just starting to analyze the data.’ For Arenas, Big Data means being able to connect with potential customers, start conversations with retailers, and target existing customers with marketing messages.

Every company has a unique trajectory and will have a unique relationship with big data. Vendors range from giants in the industry to incredibly promising information delivery experts like PolySpot. The trick for each organization is to find the right big data solution vendor that will work with their goals and specific situation.

Megan Feil, November 30, 2012

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