Organizations See ROI with Big Data Solutions Focused On Information Delivery

December 3, 2012

Much money is expected to come from big data in terms of the vendors profiting from technological solutions to allow companies to utilize big data. Additionally, there are the firms extracting useful insights from big data who hope to gain huge ROI. Forbes points out that ROI is key in “Spending Wisely on a Big Data Strategy.”

Some organizations fall into the trap of throwing money at anything related to big data without looking fundamentally at the resources they currently have on hand and where to need to extend their reach. The constant question should revolve around where ROI is possible.

According to the article:

But strategizing must precede striving, according to John Weathington of San Francisco-based consultancy Excellent Management Systems. Each firm’s top decision makers should spend the time and money to evaluate the return of a Big Data solution. ‘Some organizations are obsessed with spending money on Big Data without any concern for the value it represents,’ Weathington said in TechRepublic’s Big Data Analytics blog.

We could not agree more and we encourage organizations seeking a big data solution to employ resources into research on finding a solution that fits their needed purpose. The direction that we have seen several businesses achieve ROI with is a solution that enables information delivery across the enterprise such as Information at Work from PolySpot.

Megan Feil, December 3, 2012

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