ZyLAB Offers a Monkey

December 4, 2012

Though trade show freebies have been in hiding lately, ZyLAB recently offered one that caught our eye. A representative of the 2012 LawTech Europe Congress (LTEC), held November 12 in Prague, tweeted, “Get Your ZyLAB Monkey.” The link offers only a photo with no explanation, but we think this treat should please many of those interested in legal technology.

ZyLAB was one of the sponsors of the Congress, which was convened to address a pressing global imbalance in the eDiscovery world. The LTEC home page explains:

“Over the past few years there have been huge advances in Electronic Evidence support and guidelines for civil litigations in America and Western Europe. These advances have not been adequately mirrored in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, multi-jurisdictional disputes have become more drawn out and complex in nature. In criminal proceedings, the lack of clear guidelines for the collection and processing of electronic evidence has led to low crime detection rates and ineffective criminal prosecutions. What this annual congress aims to achieve is address the imbalance by bringing together, the brightest minds in technology, law, governance, and compliance.”

The LTEC drew 640 participants with a roster of speakers prominent in the field. The list of sponsors is long, and includes some names very familiar to us, like Autonomy, Recommind, and, as mentioned, ZyLAB. I was interested to see that Mercedes Benz was also involved; I wonder if they gave away anything interesting.

ZyLAB was founded 1983, with its release of the first full-text retrieval software for the PC. Its current flagship product, the eDiscovery and data management solution ZyLAB Information Management Platform, was released in 2010. The company maintains headquarters in the Netherlands and the United States, and has offices around the world.

Cynthia Murrell, December 04, 2012

Sponsored by ArnoldIT.com, developer of Augmentext


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