Intrafind Provides Relevant Results throughout Changing Realities

December 6, 2012

Modern technology is changing the way reality can be seen and shown to others. Video cameras and cell phones are being replaced with comfortable, virtually undetectable life capture devices like Google Glasses. These easy to operate wearables literally record all aspects of everyday life, and the lives of those around us.

The collection process is reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, but the data farmed will serve a higher purpose. TechCrunch’s article “Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future” explains how developers are taking steps to create devices that not only record, but help users function, think and react:

“Brainwaves in an AR system allows for real-time neuro feedback. This would allow you to know your brain state and have the opportunity to optimize it — being able to choose and be guided into the desired state as you go about your day.The real measure of AR is when it solves real-world problems that may seem boring with realistic and minimal interface. Most AR has had the exciting “wow” factor which lasts for about 15 seconds. It is a big jump from there to useful everyday applications.”

When the initial buzz of the latest, greatest technology trend fades a bit, companies seeking success will be jarred back into reality by the need for relevant results. If your organization wants the security of knowing what theactual reality is, using a search provider like Intrafind that brings that reality to surface may be a better investment than the latest fad.

Jennifer Shockley, December 6, 2012

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