Momentary Attention Placed on Connotate in the Search Software Market

December 14, 2012

One search and content processing software vendor seems to be picking up steam based on the news release, “Connotate Reports Expansion into New Markets and Applications in Third Quarter 2012.” Privately-held, ventured backed software firm Connotate is moving in a growth-oriented direction. They have announced new partnerships with both Systech, a leading business intelligence services provider, and Crowdsource, Amazon Mechanical Turk Partner.

Connotate has directed attention to itself by announcing a significant increase in bookings and partner signings in the third quarter 2012. Growth is demand for its solutions by a variety of use cases has also helped in making Connotate’s case for positive growth.

The article quotes Ryan Mulholland, president of Connotate:

“We anticipate continued expansion into new markets and applications as the focus of Big Data turns outward to the vast untapped potential of the Web. Our technology platform was built to ensure optimal results and timely data. As a full-service solution, our ability to offer CAPTCHA and throttling as well as follow-the-sun support is unparalleled in the industry – and customers are reaping the rewards of this approach.”

Connotate seems to be headed in a good direction, but we wonder about their competition. Are other search and content processing vendors following the same path? This may be a crowded market sector.

Megan Feil, December 14, 2012

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