Big Data Build Up Reaffirms the Need for Reliable Enterprise Search Solutions

December 19, 2012

Since 2005 Coveo has been researching ways to improve enterprise search and now they are ready to make a move. The Wall Street Journal’sCoveo Raises $18 Million for Enterprise Search from Tandem Expansion Fund” talks about the search and indexing technology that they feel will set them apart from other providers during the next enterprise search evolution.

Coveo is banking on big data buildup and improvements in the economy insuring that companies are prepared to investigate the next big step in enterprise search:

“Many companies delayed investments in search during the recession and now find they’ve got hundreds of internal sources of information, including many new ones. They’re saying, ‘our employees can’t find anything and we’re at risk because if we get sued, we don’t know what we have in our files that could financially or otherwise embarrass us. Costs have to be kept down and search becomes a necessary ingredient.”

Coveo has a philosophy and business model for continual improvement even if they may appear slow in actual development. Continual improvement to a system based upon open source technology and a strong academic foundation with frequent product enhancements may be a preferred choice for some enterprises who want excellence sooner rather than later.  Intrafind has been a stable resource for enterprise search solutions since early 2000, offering customers a high performing, user friendly interface that provides relevant results and user support throughout companywide operations.

Jennifer Shockley, December 19, 2012

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