PolySpot Steers Organizations Towards the Data Driven Ideal

January 7, 2013

While companies have been striving for operating in a data-driven manner for over a century, there are still factors that prevent this supposed ideal from reaching the full potential. Forbes discusses recent studies on this topic in their article, “Big Data in the Enterprise: A Lesson or Two from Big Brother.”

A recent survey by Capgemini and the Economist Intelligence Unit delves into the depths on just how data-driven companies are today. Results have shown that many organizations are struggling to keep up with huge volumes of data. Unfortunately, almost 55 percent of respondents from around the world said that big data solutions were not recognized as necessary by senior level management in their companies.

The article discusses the processes involved in crunching big data down to size:

Once the data has been ingested, the next most critical aspect will be data storage. To gain maximum value, data needs to be potentially pre-processed in memory, and then stashed away for further analysis including trending and comparing over time. For this, fast disks and often petabytes of it with the right software that makes it possible to find data down the road, is needed.

While insights from big data will likely remain a mystery to some, there are other organizations ahead of the curve that are already employing solutions from the likes of enterprise data extraordinaires such as PolySpot. Their solutions focus on the most critical aspect of churning knowledge out of big data: connectivity and delivery.

Megan Feil, January 7, 2013

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