Autonomy Tech Features Prominently at HP

January 9, 2013

HP is now committed to cloud services, security, and information, according to one insider. Will the approach gel into a solution that makes Autonomy pay off, despite the recent acrimony? Perhaps. ServicesAngle tells us, “Beyond the Controversy, Autonomy at Center of HP Information Strategy.”

One of Autonomy’s advantages is its approach to storage and analysis. While traditional systems store data and perform analysis in separate systems, the Idol platform runs directly on the storage server. The article says this makes the Autonomy approach 40 times faster than that of the competition. Writer Bert Latamore continues:

“Integrate that with HP’s other major Big Data analytics acquisition, Vertica, which is very good at handling very large structured databases, and you have a system that can tame the largest Big Data databases, [Autonomy VP Brian]Wyse says. That is exactly what HP has done, and now it is embedding the Idol/Vertica system in the heart of a list of Big Data products that do anything from analyzing huge medical databases to predicting which HP products in which client environments may fail in the next month, allowing HP to provide proactive to its customers. ‘This is unique to HP,’ Wyse said.”

The write-up emphasizes advantages of speedier analysis. Primarily, companies can actually do something with all that data they’ve bothered to collect but haven’t had time to process. That is certainly a plus. Latamore also gives an example of the sort of thing quick analysis can catch: When producers of Madagascar commissioned an analysis to see how kids reacted to the film, analysts found that children in one particular venue “were running screaming from the theater.” It seems that locale was running a horror-movie promotion before the show. Oops!

So, it looks like Autonomy‘s technology, particularly when paired with Vertica, is becoming a real boon for HP. It’s a shame about the recent accounting conflict, but at least software doesn’t harbor hard feelings.

Cynthia Murrell, January 09, 2013

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One Response to “Autonomy Tech Features Prominently at HP”

  1. Charlie Hull on January 9th, 2013 4:00 am

    It’s always been remarkable (and unlikely) how quickly IDOL became ‘integrated’ with other technologies in Autonomy’s portfolio. HP seem to be continuing the same theme…I’m amused by the idea that running directly on the storage server is so revolutionary.

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