Small Businesses Find Scalable Big Data Solutions with PolySpot

January 9, 2013

From local municipal government to the education sector to big business, every industry is paving way for big data and the technological solutions inherent to its worth to come in as a jumpstart to success. However, in a recent article from Venture Beat called “Why I Don’t Buy the Hype About Big Data,” technology executive Bruno Aziza advocates for the buzz around big data to slow down to a halt.

He cites Gartner supporting the trend by releasing big numbers: a recent report shows that $28 billion was spent on big data technologies this year, and over $230 billion will be spent through 2016. The problem? Aziza states that technologies and the necessary staff are consequently very expensive.

He continues the discussion by recommending that companies seek out solutions for business intelligence on an appropriate scale:

The amount of data that Facebook and NASA are crunching remains the exception, not the norm. Truth is, you don’t have to be a large company to leverage your data. If you looked at range of companies in the U.S., you’ll find that there are over 50,000 that only have between 20 and 500 employees – most of which, I’d argue, are trying to solve data problems at scale.The biggest market for big data is not just with the Fortune 50, it is with the Fortune 500,000.

We cannot deny that it is vital for small businesses to find the size-appropriate solutions, but that does not mean that the big data hype has no place. The ‘big’ in ‘big data’ is relative to the size of the business as well. PolySpot technologies deliver scalable big data solutions for small businesses, for example.

Megan Feil, January 9, 2013

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