Google Remains a Habit for a Reason

January 13, 2013

Despite Google’s current stronghold in Internet search, there are still a few other companies that believe they have a way to disrupt what has become status quo. A recent article published in Everything PR called “Interview Exclusive: Bing Search’s Stefan Weitz” discusses Bing Search’s goals.

The Q&A with Bing Director Stefan Weitz dives into a question about how to what extent the negative stigma that Bing has proved challenging in gaining a larger audience. Weitz believes that it is not a stigma that Bing faces, but rather they deal with people’s already formed habits.

“[We want] to get people to demand more from search than presenting a bunch of links in response to a keyword.  It’s why we’re investing so much in multimodal experiences where Bing simply becomes part of the fabric of your day whether it’s on your television, within your productivity suite, on your mobile device, or on your tablet.  We think the act of search should weave itself into the fabric of your daily experiences – not be something you ‘go do’.”

Weitz has a chance to direct the conversation on Bing with this interview and the choice word throughout it, habit, was a smart one for him to use because of the sometimes negative connotation associated with it that he wanted to drive towards Google. However, the word inherently recalls how habits are facilitated: through an efficient and intuitive user experience. Google created that and has logically become the norm and the standard.

Megan Feil, January 13, 2013

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