Big Data Push Back

January 17, 2013

Businesses love Big Data because it allows them to analyze years’ worth of data, discover trends, an open new revenue streams, right? No so, according to Leena Rao of Tech Crunch in her article, “Why We Need To Kill ‘Big Data.’” Rao believes the word is outdated and does not reflect what is going on now with data. The current trend deals with how people use the data, the apps, and the insights it can provide. Big Data is not only used in enterprise systems. Nearly every company these days is a Big Data company and Big Data start-ups do not describe everything the company can do.

It is important to analyze and cash in on the data, because many industries including advertising and e-commerce depend on it. We just have to change the way it is viewed:

“Another fact worth pointing out is that enterprise companies like IBM, large retailers, financial services giants and many others have been parsing through massive amounts of data for some time now, before this word was even coined. It’s just that the types of data we are now parsing through is different, and we don’t need to be using these data analytics systems through on-site data centers. So let’s figure out a different way to describe startups that are dealing with large quantities of data. Perhaps it’s about the actual functionality of apps vs. the data. It’s the New Year and a great time to brainstorm over ways we can avoid ‘the term that must not be named.’”

Big Data is an outdated buzzword, but if we get rid of it what will replace it? Possibly something even more annoying and less descriptive?

Whitney Grace, January 17, 2013

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