Innovation No Longer Driven by Big IT

January 18, 2013

Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM – these companies spend big bucks on research and development every quarter. Microsoft spends $10 billion a year. But none of these companies have made significant contributions to the enterprise in the last ten years. So who’s making the impact? Open source. ReadWrite Enterprise covers the story in, “Trickle-Down Web Innovation Breathes New Life Into Enterprise IT.”

The author gets to the crux of the issue:

“Cloud computing, Big Data, mobile… they’re all being invented elsewhere, not by the enterprise behemoths . . . these tools were open sourced, not put out for sale. That’s how innovation seems to happen in the 21st Century. In large part innovation comes with an open-source license because it’s a by-product of businesses that heavily rely on technology, but don’t actually sell technology. It’s ‘trickle-down innovation’ from the web business community.”

Web giants like Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook are making great strides in large scale applications on low cost infrastructure. The sheer volume of data dealt with is striking. But there are other smaller companies who focus their effort on precise open source enterprise search software, and they are making a big impact in their own way. LucidWorks is one such company, proving that open source can provider better service at a better price point and maintain just as high a level of reliability.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 18, 2013

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