Insights from Both Technology and Business Applications Join Forces with PolySpot

January 18, 2013

The world only becomes even more data-driven and Wired offers up some insight on which field, business or technology faces more of the potential issues in collecting, storing and analyzing big data. The article “Big Data: Business or Technology Challenge?” delves into this question by answering it with several predictions.

Finding and employing different technologies that are operated by both side, business and IT, that work in harmony with each other through enterprise architecture and infrastructure technologies will become even more common.

The article states:

In 2013, we will see increased demand for Big Data tools and applications that will be easier to use and will satisfy the business user, not just data scientist users. All market indicators point to this. If you look at Hadoop-based technology capabilities, many are still immature and require unique specialized skills. We have already seen new product announcements that address this need, including the recent announcements on Cloudera Impala and Microsoft Polybase.

Many big player technology vendors are entering in on the scene now, according to the article. However, there are startups like PolySpot that have been integrating enterprise information in different applications, enabling important opportunities to present themselves to decision-makers for years. These types of companies will see success based on our predictions.

Megan Feil, January 18, 2013

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