Accuracy Proves Quality Analytics

January 21, 2013

Accuracy is key for analytics, because it validates information performed by a computer while the human user was away doing other business. The only way to measure accuracy is to compare human analysis to computer analysis. The Attensity Blog focuses on “How Accuracy In Analytics Matters For Businesses.” The article explains accuracy is measured to how well a computer can mimic a human brain:

“Computers only do what we tell them to do.  They have (almost) infinite computational power, and can apply any set of rules to any computational variables.  This means that if we tell computers that a specific word or combination of words means something positive, then the computer cannot make it mean something negative.  In other words, we are not really rating the computer’s ability to determine a sentiment we are rating whether humans did a good job, or not, in biasing the computer to pick that sentiment.  This means we can accurately predict an outcome selected by the computer before the first variable is computed against the first rule.”

In other words, accuracy is human bias and for better analytics it should be reduced. To reduce bias, analytics’’ core elements must be examined: what is analyzed and what it is compared to. The article outlines the steps taken to help reduce bias and how it can improve a company’s standing, finance, etc. It look like that accuracy means adding the extra ingredient of love that grandma puts in her cookies, i.e. you have to care about it.

Whitney Grace, January 21, 2013

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