PolySpot Enables Access to Actionable Insights

January 21, 2013

After several years of articles focused simply on what big data means, the time has finally arrived where many media outlets are moving beyond definitions in their coverage. HR Bartender breaches the subject of massive volumes of petabytes in regards to the opportunities and actionable information it produces in their recent article, “Moving from Big Data to Real Insight.”

The article tells us to acknowledge but bypass skepticism, focus on success and build off of small victories. Among many professional tips and guidelines for creating insights out of numbers, the  author emphasizes the prime motivation as enabling a better customer and client experience.

The article recommends:

It’s important to understand how to get insights from our data. And before companies try to incorporate big data into their strategy, here are a few things to consider. Identify the “why”. Companies need to know why they are gathering data. Example: In the IBM CEO study, chief executives talk about building data to serve their customers. Their goal is to empower customer facing staff by using analytics to create a better customer experience.

Moving the needle from a chaotic array of data holed up in silos in various programs and applications will be challenging without the proper infrastructure component. PolySpot, for example, with over one hundred connectors aids in the technological side of information access.

Megan Feil, January 21, 2013

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