Connectors Allow for Comprehensive Enterprise Information Delivery

January 22, 2013

Countless studies have shown that while the large majority of companies see great value in big data, they have not deployed the technologies that are poised to help them begin to collect, store and analyze big data. Information Week reports on Information Builders chief markting officer Michael Corcoran and his participation as a panelist at a Gartner conference in “Big Data Master Plan: Time To Start.”

Corcoran found that many audience members were not sure about if they were going to purchase technologies to transform big data into meaningful opportunities because they were not sure of the definition of big data and the power it holds.

After detailing the basics, he discusses some of the challenges enterprise organizations face:

One snag that organizations often encounter when setting up a big data initiative is finding ways to ensure that unstructured information from multiple sources is accurate and clean, and that it integrates well with existing data systems. “When they start to think about some of the new opportunities for big data, including social media or third-party industry data, how do they marry that elegantly?” Corcoran asked rhetorically.

Many organizations have found success in big data technologies utilizing connectors that allow users to work with data from multiple apps and information sources – structured and unstructured. These technologies enable true enterprise information delivery.

Megan Feil, January 22, 2013

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