The Question Drives the Search

January 22, 2013

Over at Chiliad, an article called “Search Vs. Correlation Vs. Causality-What Do Your Goals Require?” discusses how different types of questions change search results. Business intelligence and search are different aspects of the same end result and together they can generate more useful results. Correlations provide analytics, thus turning up unexpected and often useful relationships. The value is not in observations, but rather connections between data, which then influences decision making. The “why” factor is also a big part, because it explains how the data will be used and what the end result will be.

It involves more legwork than anything else:

“Iterative Discovery—understanding “why”—requires a different approach. Not only does digging in deliver more information, it suggests new inquiry and allows you to dig deeper. It helps you understand—across all your sources—what matters most. Although Chiliad named this approach Iterative Discovery, we didn’t invent it. Great researchers and analysts did. We simply observed them—and created a tool tuned to figuring out…’What does it mean?’”

If the why question cannot be answered than search, business intelligence, and everything else is useless. Users conduct these actions to find an answer and if an answer is not provided the action are worthless.

Whitney Grace, January 22, 2013

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