Google Does Not Own Enterprise Market

January 23, 2013

Hadoop and the Google Search Appliance are often noted as the big player in Big Data. However, Paul Doscher, a leader in open source enterprise search, has another opinion. He believes in the power and dependability of Apache Lucene. Read more of what he has to say in “Enterprise Search Doesn’t Begin and End With Google.”

The article begins:

“Paul Doscher, CEO of Lucid Imagination, [now LucidWorks] wants you to know that when it comes to enterprise search — and search that can handle the big data wave — open-source Lucene is a contender. Of course, as head of the company that offers both open source and commercial versions of Lucene, Doscher is no neutral observer. At the company’s Lucene Revolution conference . . . Doscher announced an application development stack that knits together Hadoop, Mahout, R and Lucene/Solr for handling search, machine learning, recommendation engines and analytics as a platform for enterprise search. That stack, called LucidWorks Big Data, is in beta and aims to make it faster and easier for developers to deploy enterprise-scale search.”

Doscher may in fact have a vested stake in Lucene, but LucidWorks has adopted Lucene because it cannot be beat. Other industry leaders say much the same thing. So for reliability and affordability, consider Apache Lucene and the dependable out-of-the-box offerings from LucidWorks.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 23, 2013

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