The Toping of YouTube

January 25, 2013

YouTube reigns supreme over Internet video distribution, but could its dominance be over in 2013? All Things D predicts in, “YouTube’s Reign Threatened By A Spotified Revolution, And Other Reel Truths For Video In 2013” that things are going to change this year. Internet video consumption and creation has grown considerably with the mobile market, but along with this record growth people are becoming more discerning where they get their content:

“People are still watching just as much video — but they are now looking to different sources on the Web. In the past five months there has been a 34 percent drop in the total volume of video consumed on YouTube compared with the rest of the Web. YouTube views peaked in June 2012 at 18.3 billion, but have since declined to 12 billion on November 2012. comScore’s Video Metrix measured total Web video views in June 2012 at 32.9 billion; fast-forward to November 2012 and total video views across the Web hit 40 billion. While YouTube lost about six billion views within that five-month period, the other half of Web video shot up by 13 billion.”

Other predictions include TV networks and other major media outlets will look for ways to gain more viewers by experimenting more with web content. Also no one has even tackled video discovery to meet the needs of mobile and social Web. Whoever creates that algorithm will be writing her or his own check. Google’s YouTube may see a steady stream of competition, but do not forget that Google is always planning and working on new projects. The search engine giant will not fall this year.

Whitney Grace, January 25, 2013

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