Oracle Endeca, More Oracle Than Endeca

January 27, 2013

In December 2012, reported on the “Endeca exodus.” You can get the scoop by reading “As Endeca Exodus Continues, Trio of Former Employees Start Salsify to Help Manufacturers Distribute Better Product Info.” The content marketing play is not the part of the article which I found interesting. Here’s what I wanted to capture:

Co-founders Steve Papa and Pete Bell have both left Oracle as of this month. Former Endeca SVP Chris Comparato is now at Acquia, the Burlington company that peddles web content management software. Others have left for PayPal Boston, Silver Lining Systems, Sqrrl, Hopper, Internet advertising company DataXu, and Lookout Gaming, a new startup.

Why not cash in and check out? It is tough work making a search system generate revenue and even more difficult to achieve revenues and make a deal to sell the company to a larger firm.

The big outfits who buy search engines have the opportunity to learn first hand exactly how difficult it is to:

  1. Build revenues and turn a profit
  2. Find the resources to keep the software working
  3. Figure out how to market in a way that does not end in a flame out.

With these changes, Endeca is now Oracle. Can Oracle become more like the pre-acquisition Endeca which caught the attention of Oracle in the first place? Worth watching.

Stephen E Arnold, January 27, 2013

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