Apache Lucene and Solr New Codec

January 30, 2013

Apache Lucene and Solr have announced the new release of version 4.1. Improvements to Solr’s request parsing and support of Internet Explorer are just a few of the new features available. Read about all of the new features and upgrades in The H Open article, “Apache Lucene and Solr Update with New Default Codec.”

The article begins:

“The Apache Lucene project has announced Lucene and Solr 4.1, the latest updates to the Java-based text search library and search platform built around it. Lucene 4.1 has a new default codec “Lucene41Codec” which is based on a previously experimental “Block” indexing format. The new codec includes optimisations around pulsing (where a term only appears in one document) and efficient compressed stored fields to help keep data within the bounds of I/O cache.”

Lucene and Solr serve as the basis for many strong enterprise products. LucidWorks is one company that builds its solutions atop Lucene and Solr, ensuring that they are harnessing the best and most current open source advancements. Check out LucidWorks Big Data and/or LucidWorks Search – both are sure to get even better, benefiting from the improvements in Lucene and Solr’s new codec.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 30, 2013

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