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January 31, 2013

In a naturally chaotic world, having a penchant for theorizing answers about the fundamental mysteries of the world and less serious daily issues has always aided people in successfully navigating the world around them and their companies or organizations. A recent article from Wired theorizes that big data may bring about the end of theory as we know it in a thought provoking article called, Big Data, Language and the Death of the Theorist.

People like Kalev Leetaru, who found clues pointing to Osama Bin Laden’s hiding location through publicly available data (after Laden’s death), predict that forecasting future events is possible and currently enabled.

The article discusses the intelligence aspect of big data analytics that is even applicable to language:

For scientists and mathematicians, working with supercomputers makes sense — their information is numerical. It already exists in a language that machines can read. The interesting thing here for historians and sociologists and literature critics, and everyone else who works with language and the vagaries of the human condition, is that we’ve reached a point where supercomputers are fast enough to crunch that data just as easily as anything else.

Both the inherent power of language associated with semantic enrichment in business intelligence solutions such as those from PolySpot and their library of connectors that enable enriched information access across the enterprise will aid organizations to make better decisions in real time. In the areas where the paradigm of the world changes, the same goes for business.

Megan Feil, January 31, 2013

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