Foursquare Emulates Google PageRank

February 4, 2013

Let’s all copy Google! Not really, but many Web sites are trying to follow Google’s success by emulating them in as many was as possible. Sometimes it creates a direct carbon copy (or copy and paste file for the younglings), but other times it creates something even better. The Next Web reports that “Map 500M Foursquare Checkins Demonstrates How They Built A ‘Google PageRank For The Real World.’” Foursquare is a social networking site dedicated for the active user to rank and find interesting places in their hometown or anywhere else. It has practical uses that one may find more useful, because the information is constantly changing:

“Foursquare says that it likes to think of its recommendation system as a “Google PageRank for the real world.” The PageRank system is a closely guarded algorithm that determines the worth of pages based off of a bunch of mutable and constantly being tweaked factors. That worth valuation is what surfaces one link over another when you plug something into a Google Search box.”

On the business end, Foursquare is also good for marketing and boosting sales. Businesses can use it to get in touch with customers and let them know about the latest news. Real world information in a snap! This is what mobile marketing and social networking was designed for.

Whitney Grace, February 04, 2013

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