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February 11, 2013

Before Google came into the spotlight, Yahoo used to have a series of commercials where its subjects were put in hilarious situations they wanted to get out of. By using Yahoo search, they were able to find a solution. At the end of every commercial a yodeler yodeled “Ya-ho-oo!” Everybody was “yahooing” and everyone thought Yahoo was number one. They were wrong. Computer World reports that Yahoo wants to snatch the crown, “Yahoo To Focus On Search—And Google.”

Marissa Mayer the Yahoo CEO plans on taking on Google in Internet search. She became the CEO after a successful career at Google, but Yahoo pulled her in to save its floundering tail. Mayer more than anyone else, knows what it means to take on the search giant. Yahoo needs to do something very new and very bold to have the smallest glimmer of hope in competing. Mayer will focus on building technology to improve search results and to extend the reach to desktop/mobile device users.

“’There’s a lot more potential here,’ Mayer said. ‘Overall, search is a key area of investment for us. All the innovations in search are going to happen at the user interface level going forward. We need to invest in those features, both for desktop and mobile [devices]. I think both ultimately will be key plays for us.’”

The new strategy does not call for the end of the Yahoo/Microsoft partnership, Mayer instead hopes Bing will help Yahoo. In 2010, Yahoo ditched its own search engine for Bing. In order to even make a dent in the market, Yahoo needs to grasp onto something that Google misses. Yahoo stinks and needs help. A former Googler is pulled into help. Talk about knowing thy enemy.

Whitney Grace, February 11, 2013

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