Truth Teller Recognizes Fact Over Fiction Mostly

February 12, 2013

Cory Haik’s “Debuting Truth Teller from the Washington Post; Real-time lie detection service at your service (not quite yet)” is a look at human nature at its finest…and how we can overcome our human gullibility by utilizing technology.

“In August 2011, Michele Bachmann held a small rally in the parking lot of a sports bar in Indianola, Iowa with a few dozen people. Over the course of the event, Bachman, like many politicians repeatedly misled her audience. The Post’s National Political Editor, Steven Ginsberg, was at the event and detected a problem: No one attending seemed to realize they were being misled…”

This led Ginsberg and The Post to seek funding from the Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund in order to build an application that will fact check (mainly politicians) in real time (or as close as they can get). Truth Teller combines many well known technologies such as Microsoft Audio Video Indexing Service (MAVIS) to aid in its endeavor. The result is been less than perfect but it’s getting there.

“Facts themselves are increasingly under attack and falsehoods can easily and instantly find their way to a mass audience. In fact, many are designed to.”

While in theory the application sounds like it could be a cure for a myriad of problems in reality, can this really be done in a way that will alleviate the spread or creation of false facts? Or is it just an attempt at swaying the publics gullibility in another direction?

Leslie Radcliff, February 12, 2013

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