Information Delivery Solutions Maximize Value of Big Data

February 15, 2013

It is no surprise that we are seeing many exciting developments happening on a more specific level in the midst of these larger cultural and technological changes following the rise of big data. Science Daily discusses how a crowdsourcing platform that initially began in the commercial sector can solve a complex biological problem even faster than former, traditional approaches in the article, “Solving Big Data Bottleneck: Scientists Team with Business Innovators to Tackle Research Hurdles.”

Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and London Business School have partnered with TopCoder, a crowdsourcing platform with a global community of 450,000 algorithm specialists and software developers, and have discovered that this community is highly adept in solving the kinds of problems typically delegated to post docs.

The article quotes Karim Lakhani, associate professor in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School:

This study makes us think about greater efficiencies in academic research can be obtained. In a traditional setting, a life scientist who needs large volumes of data analyzed will hire a postdoc to create a solution, and it could take well over a year. We’re showing that in certain instances, existing platforms and communities might solve these problems better, cheaper and faster.

Many organizations in the business sector, in addition to the realm of academics, are searching for more efficient ways to store, organize and process big data in order to maximize the value from it. Information delivery solutions are great tools in enabling organizations to access insights from big data across the entire company.

Megan Feil, February 15, 2013

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