A Big Data Partnership

February 17, 2013

Big data inspire companies to partner up and pool their research and products. Datameer, the Hadoop big data analytics leader, and Caserta Concepts, a consulting and technology business specializing in big data analytics, BI, and data warehousing, have formed a joint partnership. Virtual Strategy runs through the details in the article, “Caserta Concepts Announces Partnership With Datameer For Big Data Analytics On Hadoop.”

The companies have paired up, because of a study done by Ventana Research’ entitled, “The Challenge of Big Data” by Mark Smith. The research explains that average users find it hard to make sense of the data Hadoop captures, because they are more used to working with Excel or other BI intelligence dashboards. Datameer’s software allows the everyman user to read and harness the power of Hadoop with familiar dashboards and tools.

“’We are very pleased to partner with Datameer, the only provider of big data analytics built natively on Hadoop’” said Joe Caserta, founder and CEO of Caserta Concepts. ‘As organizations struggle to make sense of all their available data, Datameer’s big data analytics and discovery solution makes Hadoop’s power and flexibility instantly accessible to business analysts and data scientists alike.’”

What does this partnership teach us? It teaches that while big data is desirable, many users do not have the experience using analytics tools. Big data tools need to be user-friendlier if anything is going to be gleaned from it.

Whitney Grace, February 17, 2013

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