Facebook Imagines A Whole New Way To Search

February 19, 2013

According to “How Facebook Made Me Search In Strange New Ways” from Search Engine Land, Facebook Graph Search has changed the way people search or at least wants to. Before social networking, people used to actively search with search engines because an action influenced them. With social networking, people are passively discovering information that they never knew they wanted to know all due to network connections.

Graph Search will not replace Google, because it does not search the entire Web. It only contains social information, in other words a social search:

““Social search is a means of uncovering information, to fill a knowledge gap taking into account crowd sourced information from your network, which contains information from a reputable source within your network, giving more of a credible touch to the content.”

Graph Search does not have all of this, but with some improvements it can. It can get better by adding general searching, i.e. only search through Facebook while Bing picks up the regular Web and the social network. The image search can use tweaking by searching tags and captions. Also the Facebook auto complete feature is annoying and is down right wrong sometimes.

Graph Search is not grasping the basic search engine fundamentals and needs to add them to even think about being competitive. The “graph” will probably be the next wave in social networking, so it is necessary to get on it.

Whitney Grace, February 19, 2013

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