Data Delivery Solutions Connect Data Points from Different Apps

February 27, 2013

It is clear that the big data space is going through a huge transformation. As vendors and experts in the industry alike push to define burgeoning technologies into niche-specific solutions, there is bound to be confusion at times and complete clarity at other points. A recent Forbes article called “Big Data “A-Ha” Moment?” discusses this industry and adjacent ones in terms of both the struggles and space for opportunities.

It seems that many can agree that the big data industry has large sums of money written all over it. Estimates from Gartner to Wikibon range from $23 Billion to $3.8 Trillion. However, the closely related industry of business intelligence has been stuck at a 24% scorecard from Gartner.

According to the article:

Many reasons have been cited for this; from expensive software, to poor usability to complex integration issues.  While each of the above certainly plays a role in the lack of adoption, my observations have been that, the culture of elitism generated in the world of data has done nothing but scare the most common of companies.  And this trend has been amplified recently.  Look, I too admire Nate Silver, Facebook and Google for the great work they do with Data.

One of the hallmarks of the niche of big data technologies that fall under the category of data delivery solutions is their intuitive user experience and the integrative abilities to connect multiple pieces of data from different applications under one roof.

Megan Feil, February 27, 2013

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