Europe Wants eDiscovery Standards

February 28, 2013

The eDiscovery process has been employed by businesses and government organizations for many years, but few and far between have developed standards for it. In an exciting and surprising news brief Enterprise Communications reports that, “New Committee Formed To Develop eDiscovery Process Standards.” The International Standards Organization (ISO) has taken upon itself to develop procedures for technology companies and their clients on how to handle digital data.

Methods have already been written for digital forensics and electronic data preservation, but nobody knew whose umbrella eDiscovery fell. It has mostly been tied to the legal community, but eDiscovery covers more ground than simple law.

“Generally, the concept has been well-received; eDiscovery practice leader at Stroz Friedberg, Tom Barnett, said: ‘eDiscovery is not a legal process. It’s a technical and engineering problem. You need a standard. Because it is a relatively new industry, a lot of people do things their own way. I think it’ll be good for the industry to be able to separate the people who are really serious about process and quality control from the people who aren’t.’”

The ISO will need to figure out what processes it needs to standardize and what will work related to the cloud, predictive coding, social networking, etc. It is a great leap forward for eDiscovery, but it is alarming that Europe is developing these standards first. Won’t the US Wild West methods work West of Manhattan?

Whitney Grace, February 28, 2013

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