Set Up A Competitive Intelligence Function In A Nonce

March 2, 2013

Intelligence can no longer be regulated to the CIA, FBI, or large business corporations, instead anyone can start a competitive intelligence department. It only takes a desire and technical knowledge, but how do you get started? Digimind wrote a simple how-to article called, “Top Tips: Setting Up A Market Or Competitive Intelligence Function.” There is an increasing need for organizations to implement a competitive intelligence plan, because of the competitive and globalized marketplace.

Digimind asked Suki Fuller, a Strategic Intelligence Advisor and also a Senior Analyst with DC Analytics, about what advice she would give to organizations just starting. She offers the usual implementation plan and know your field in and out. She does offer a new insight:

“Network – make friends with at least one key person in every division. Gain an understanding into their tasks and how this may impact the overall company strategy. Build these relationships so information can be gained straight from the source and doesn’t have to travel through as many layers of the internal channels.”

One would be surprised how lack of communication across division bungles information gathering. Making it clear what the advantages of competitive intelligence are and how everyone can contribute to it. Glad this stuff is pretty easy to do with regulations and staff turnover taking place.

Whitney Grace, March 02, 2013

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