Xenky.com for a Google X Ray

March 26, 2013

If you want one click access to preliminary versions of 50 of my articles about Google, Xenky.com has a hyperlinked list. These are pre publication drafts, but the basic information is available. The more than 50 articles average 2,500 words and cover a range of subjects. Originally I planned to do another Google monograph. You can find the list of articles at Google X Ray. Xenky.com is a portal to the content produced by ArnoldIT. There is no charge for the content. Keep in mind that some of the final versions of the articles are owned by various publishers. I am providing this information for students and libraries. Be sure to run queries for the final version of the document on a for-fee information service which indexes commercial content. One final comment: Additional Google content appears in my monthly newsletter Honk, which is available at this link. Registration is required for the newsletter.

Stephen E Arnold, March 26, 2013


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