Learn the Possibilities of Content Enrichment with OpenCalais

March 27, 2013

For a simple explanation of content enrichment, there is Web CMS Content Enrichment with OpenCalais, Crafter Rivet and Alfresco, on Rivet Logic Blogs. Content enrichment, the art of mining data and adding value to it, has now been organized by such services as OpenCalais, a free resource of semantic data mining from Thomson Reuters. For use on your blog, website or application, OpenCalais’s mission is to make “the worlds content more accessible.” The article explains,

“A few examples of content enrichment include: entity extraction, topic detection, SEO (Search Engine Optimization,) and sentiment analysis.  Entity extraction is the process of identifying unique entities like people and places and tagging the content with it.  Topic detection looks at the content and determines to some probabilistic measure what the content is about.  SEO enrichment will look at the content and suggest edits and keywords that will boost the content’s search engine performance. Sentiment analysis can determine the tone or polarity (negative or positive) of the content.”

The tutorial on using OpenCalais with Crafter Rivet’s operating platform offered in this article is short and straightforward. Without tools like OpenCalais, the huge advantages of content enrichment for author and content managers would take countless hours. The resources available can save time while improving the effectiveness of content.

Chelsea Kerwin, March 27, 2013

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