Social Media: Changing Marketing From the Inside Out

May 8, 2013

The article 6 Factors That Turn Social Media Strategy Into Results on {grow} is full of tips and advice on how to not only implement a social media strategy but also how to even approach such a transformation in your business. Beginning with the warning that this is unlike traditional advertising, in that you can’t relegate to an outside source, but must instead promote internal change, the article goes on to describe the pitfalls of doing social media the wrong way, such as changing directions before you given the new strategy time to yield results. The article also insists on measurement being united with objectives,

“Repeat after me. “I will measure my marketing efforts.” In today’s data-filled world, there is no reason NOT to measure. It’s just this simple: How do you know your strategy is working if you don’t measure? Don’t get caught up in the endless ROI debate. Pick meaningful KPI’s that are helping to move the needle for your business objectives. “

Because of the ubiquity of blogs and Facebook pages, the article argues that without such tools you are already behind. Also addressing the heads of companies, the article instructs leaders to support the implementation with a hands-on approach, the only way to know what resources to provide out of necessity. The successful implementation of social media strategy is vital in this day and age; it is the only way to reach certain targeted audiences. More about effective approaches to social media strategies can be found at ArnoldIT.

Chelsea Kerwin, May 08, 2013

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