Keep These Skills Off Your Resume

May 28, 2013

There comes a time in every worker’s career when the skills they once spent years mastering no longer have any function in the job market. This is especially true for IT professionals as the digital workplace reaches a thirty year mark. Brush up your resume and take a hint of advice from ReadWrite about how to improve your job prospects in, “10 Technology Skills That Will No Longer Help You Get A Job.” Some of the skills are obvious, Windows XP and Adobe Flash Developer, but others beg the question why?

SEO specialist is going on the wayside as search results get more polluted with social media information. Quality assurance specialists are very low on the totem pole and this is a job farmed out to all workers, instead. Any technology that is wrought to get old will and that requires you to keep learning:

“Here’s the bottom line: Since so much technology is fairly new to everyone, why should a company invest in experienced candidates – rather than someone just starting out?…It’s not just about the money, of course. To justify any salary, it’s not only about what you know – now – but what you can learn going forward. The key to a long career in Silicon Valley, or anywhere in the tech world, is showing that you can learn and adapt – and master – constant change.”

Be prepared to not get complacent. Keep up with the industry trends and keep mastering your skills. It is the only thing to do these days.

Whitney Grace, May 28, 2013

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