MaxxCAT Launches Program for Nonprofits

July 11, 2013

MaxxCAT has implemented a program designed to help nonprofits, we learn from “MaxxCAT Hopes to Bring Search Appliances to Nonprofit Organizations with NPO Buyers Program,” posted at PRWeb. The limited-time NPO Buyers Program pairs a choice of search appliances (the EX-5000 enterprise search or SB-350 search) with extended integration and support services.

The program aims to fill one particular gap NPOs often face; the press release tells us:

“While all MaxxCAT search appliances are easy to integrate, nonprofits often face resource shortages in their IT departments. To address this concern, MaxxCAT will include three hours of Integration Services with each appliance purchased under the NPO Buyers Program. The Integration Services Group provides top-level service from the experts who design and build MaxxCAT’s appliances, and three hours is typically enough time to implement a search.

“Each MaxxCAT appliance comes with a year of email support plus software updates as well as a one year hardware warranty. In addition, nonprofits will receive an extra year of email support plus software updates.”

This is a limited-time offer, so interested NPOs should check out this link soon. Perhaps if they get a good response, the company can be persuaded to extend the program.

Based in Pittsburg, MaxxCAT was founded in 2007 to capitalize on the high-performance, specialized hardware corner of the enterprise search market. The company also provides integration services and managed hosting. A focus on performance, simplicity, and ease of integration keeps MaxxCAT at the fore of the high-performance field. This foray into serving nonprofits can only help the company’s standing.

Cynthia Murrell, July 11, 2013

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