Wolters Kluwer Selects Innovative Cogito Semantic Platform

August 12, 2013

The market for semantic search seems to only grow larger as time moves forward and there is a greater understanding of the functionalities and capabilities for semantic search in many fields. We spotted a press release, “Expert System Develops Semantic Search Engine for Wolters Kluwer Italy,” on a company that is making waves with their natural language interface.

We learned from their press release that Expert System’s Cogito was chosen by Wolters Kluwer Italy as the semantic platform to improve access to information on its online portal for legal and public sector professionals.

Luca Scagliarini, VP of Strategy & Business Development for Expert System was quoted as stating the following:

“Search applications that are able to understand the nuances of everyday language and ensure the most relevant results, are advantages that only a semantic approach can guarantee because it has a contextual understanding of the meaning of content. By choosing our technology, Wolters Kluwer Italy offers customers a better user experience and improved efficiency through the convenience of always having what they need.”

Essentially, Cogito improves the effectiveness of search by allowing end users to search using natural language terms; their semantic technology understands the contextualized meaning of words. Expert System not only offers cutting edge solutions like Cogito, but they also know make it easy for business executives to understand how Cogito works by featuring a demo.

Megan Feil, August 12, 2013

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