Craigslist Search Engines

October 1, 2013

Within an article on apps and services for use with Craigslist, we have found a list of search options for the classifieds site. MakeUseOf shares their roster of Craigslist tools in, “Become a Boss on Craigslist with These Apps and Services.” The rundown leads with notification apps, like IFTTT and NotiCraig. These can be very helpful if you are looking for something specific and want to know as soon as it pops up on the site.

But what if you just want to search Craigslist? Scroll through the article until you get to the section titled “Other Craigslist Search Engines.” Blogger Justin Pot suggests some options that:

“. . . .allow you to search the sites in ways Craigslist itself just doesn’t. And not just regional pages near your location. There’s Search All Junk (the former, which allows you to search content from multiple classified sites, Craigslist being one of them. And then there’s Search Tempest, which provides a slick interface with more choices than Craigslist itself. All of these are good to have in your Craigslist arsenal, so keep them bookmarked if they look interesting.

“Of course, you can also use a site-specific Google search. Simply search Google as you normally would, adding ‘’. You’ll see results only from Craigslist. Add the URL of your local Criagslist page if you’d prefer only local listings (ie, ‘’).”

Useful tips. For those who like to search from their browser’s status bar, Pot also mentions CraigZilla. That Firefox plugin is highly customizable (see here for specifics). Whatever you may seek on Craigslist, this write-up points to several ways of finding it.

Cynthia Murrell, October 01, 2013

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