What Keeps Google Awake? One Big Thing Overlooked

November 1, 2013

I read “What Keeps Google Awake at Night.” Five good points to be sure. My view is that one big sleep disturber was either overlooked or intentionally skipped. The Information Week article identifies Google’s revenue dependence, the revenue shift riding the mobile revolution, and several other obvious issues. What was skipped? Health. The hiring of synthetic biologists, the smoke screen of Glass, and the Calico play are not trivial actions. The founders are getting older. With age come some darned exciting health issues. My research suggests that the Google founders want to patch up flawed human systems and knock down the bugs and buglets that will cause drive read errors. One popular magazine ran a headline that asked can Googlers solve death? Big issue. Definitely one of the issues about which some Googlers think. See also http://moz.com/blog/what-scares-google

Stephen E Arnold, November 1, 2013


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