Easily Generate Your Own Word Clouds

November 19, 2013

Word clouds have become inescapable, and it is easy to see why– many people find such a blending of text and visual information easy to understand. But how, exactly, can you generate one of these content confections? Smashing Apps shares its collection of “10 Amazing Word Cloud Generators.”

The write-up introduces:

“In this session, we are presenting 10 amazing word cloud generators for you. Word cloud can be defined as a graphical representation of word frequency, whereas word cloud generators simply are the tools to map data, such as words and tags in a visual and engaging way. These generators come with different features that include different fonts, shapes, layouts and editing capabilities.”

See the list for all the options. Most offer a range of shapes, colors, and fonts to play with, so check each one out for the features most appealing to you. A couple, Tagxedo and Tagul, will gladly print your word cloud on a t-shirt or mug and sell it to you. It is probably not a coincidence that those also seem, from the examples given, to be the most creative with their cloud shapes.

VocabGrabber is different. It doesn’t even make a particularly pretty picture. As the name implies, VocabGrabber uses your text to build a list of vocabulary words, complete with examples of usage pulled from directly from the content. This could be a useful tool for students, or anyone learning something new that comes with specialized terminology. If your learning materials are digital, a simple cut-and-paste can generate a handy list of terms and in-context examples. A valuable find in a list full of fun and useful tools.

Cynthia Murrell, November 19, 2013

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