Attivio is Synonymous with Partnership

December 21, 2013

If you need a business intelligence solution, apparently Attivio is the one stop shop to go. Attivio has formed two strategic partnerships. The Providence Journal announced that “Actian And Attivio OEM Agreement Accelerates Big Data Business Value By Integrating Big Content.” Actian, a big data analytics company, has an OEM agreement with Attivio to use its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) to ramp their data analytics solution. AIE completes Actian’s goal to deliver analytics on all types of data from social media to surveys to research documents.

The article states:

” ‘Big Content has become a vital piece in the Big Data puzzle,’ said David Schubmehl, Research Director, IDC. ‘The majority of enterprise information created today is human-generated, but legacy systems have traditionally required processing structured data and unstructured content separately. The addition of Attivio AIE to Actian ParAccel provides an extremely cost-effective option that delivers impressive performance and value.’ “

Panorama announced on its official Web site that, “Panorama And Attivio Announce BI Technology Alliance Partnership.” The AIE will be combined with Panorama’s software to improve the business value of content and big data. Panorama’s BI solution will use the AIE to streamline enterprise decision-making processes by eliminating the need to switch between applications to access data. This will speed up business productivity and improve data access.

The article explains:

“ ‘One of the goals of collaborative BI is to connect data, insights and people within the organization,’ said Sid Probstein, CTO at Attivio. ‘The partnership with Panorama achieves this because it gives customers seamless and intuitive discovery of information from sources as varied as corporate BI to semi-structured data and unstructured content.’”

Attivio is a tool used to improve big data projects to enhance usage of data. The company’s strategy to be a base for other solutions to be built on is similar to what Fulcrum Technologies did in 1985.

Whitney Grace, December 21, 2013

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