Funnelback Advocates Big Data Mining

February 9, 2014

It is a new year and, as usual, there are big plans for big data. Instead of looking ahead, however, lets travel back to the July 4, 2012 Squiz and Funnelback European User Summit. On that day, Ben Pottier gave a discussion on “Big Data Mining With Funnelback.” Essentially it is a sales pitch for the company, but it is also a primer to understanding big data and how people use data.

At the beginning of the talk, Pottier mentions a quote from the International Data Corporation:

“The total amount of global data is expected to grow almost 3 zettabytes during 2012.”

That is a lot of ones and zeroes. How much did it grow in 2013 and what is expected for 2014? However much global data is grown, Pottier emphasizes that most of Funnelback’s clients have 75,000 documents and as it grows bigger organizations need to address how to manage it. Over the basic explanation, Pottier explains the single biggest issue for big data is finding enterprise content. In the last five minutes, he discusses data mining’s importance and how it can automate work that used to be done manually.

In Pottier’s talk, he explains that search is a vital feature for big data. Ha! Interesting how search is stretched to cover just about any content related function. Maybe instead of big data it should be changed to big search.

Whitney Grace, February 09, 2014

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