FoxySpider is a Personal Web Crawler for Firefox

February 14, 2014

Ever wish you could have your own, personal web crawler? Now, if you browse with the open-source Mozilla Firefox, you can. Just download the add-on FoxySpider from Firefox’s Add-Ons site. The spider’s About section explains:

“With FoxySpider you can:

*Get all photos from an entire website

*Get all video clips from an entire website

*Get all audio files from an entire website

Well, actually get any file type you want from an entire website.

“FoxySpider can be used to create a thumbnail gallery containing links to rich media files of any file types you are interested in. It can also crawl deep to any level on a website and display the applicable files it found in the same gallery. FoxySpider is useful for different media content pages (music, video, images, documents), thumbnail gallery post (TGP) sites, podcasts. You can narrow and expand the search to support exactly what you want. Once the thumbnail gallery is created you can view, download or share (on Facebook and Twitter) every file that was fetched by FoxySpider.”

One podcast-loving user gives FoxySpider five out of five stars and calls it an “essential tool for harvesting sites rich in your interest.” Another, who bestows four stars, says the crawler crashed his browser, but admits that his “PC is not so good.” If you believe your machine can handle the rigors of a resource-pounding application, download away, gentle reader.

Cynthia Murrell, February 14, 2014

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