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February 18, 2014

Folks looking for affordable data-management and search solutions should check out InfoLibrarian. You can get their Metadata Management Appliance and pair it with their Search Appliance, both for about $3,500. Just to be clear, these are not software applications; they are hardware units you would plug into your network like a hard drive. The description for the Management Appliance tells us:

“The InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance takes enterprise search and metadata management to a whole new level. Manage and synchronize metadata, documents, files, source code, and virtually any digital asset. You name it… InfoLibrarian catalogs it. Hundreds of Adapters and document crawlers are available to automatically index, categorize and keep history of changes over time. Business friendly search engine/portal to navigate categories; perform search, impact analysis and data lineage analysis across disparate systems.”

The page goes on to emphasize certain features, like centralized, role-based security controls; automation options; simplified collaboration; and classification tools that go beyond those normally found in enterprise indexing products. To search your impeccably managed data, you could choose the corresponding Search Appliance. That description reads:

“The InfoLibrarian Search Appliance is ready to go, just plug it into your network and setup indexing of files, databases and web sites. Almost instantly, you can begin searching. It’s Fast … Powerful and Easy!

Hundreds of document crawlers are available to automatically index, categorize and keep history of changes over time. Bundled with all the features you expect including a simple search interface with integrated spell checking, advanced searching and configurable results.”

The page notes that you can customize this appliance with either templates or API. The highlight for me is InfoLibrarian’s vow that this device provides the “most secure search available.” That’s reason enough to look into it. See each product’s page for the full lists of their features.

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, InfoLibrarian has been helping organizations in a range of industries to manage and analyze data since 1998. The privately held company strives to provide their clients with the best metadata-integrated solutions on the market.

Cynthia Murrell, February 18, 2014

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