Predictions For Real Time Technology

March 10, 2014

Phil Leggetter is a real time software and developer evangelist and on his blog he wrote a post entitled, “10 Real Time Web Technology Predictions For 2014.” He says in the post that he based his 2014 predictions on trends in 2013 and what has happened so far in 2014.

He notes that nearly all applications have a real time sync in their code for relevancy and that real time is becoming a common commodity. This means that real time fixtures will be included in frameworks, but it will not diminish their importance. One can expect to see more real time APIs, increasing API offerings and adding to their values, and WebHooks will gain more prominence.

Leggett mentions that open source needs an data sync solution, which comes as a surprise because there is nearly an open source program for everything. Why has this not been made yet?

Video and audio communication are getting even bigger. Real time video and data communication in real time is going to be even more important for applications and it might be time to check out peer-to-peer data sharing. What is even better is real time developer tools are on the horizon.

The next 10 months of 2014 is going to be very exciting for real time web technology, real time solution providers, real time hosted services, and more importantly for us developers. I expect some serious advancements in existing solutions and some new players to come along. Real time web technology is going to become even easier to integrate into existing applications and we’re going to have a much wider range of choice when building real time apps from the ground up.”

Will real time technology be the buzzword trend this year? Again, it is only predictions.

Whitney Grace, March 10, 2014
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