Splunk and Tableau Developed Connector to Analyze Machine-Generated Data

March 27, 2014

The article on TechWorld titled Tableau Folds Splunk Data Into Business Analysis shares information on the new connector enabling the analysis of machine-generated data, developed in partnership by Tableau Enterprises and Splunk. The collaboration allows for a better understanding of product analytics and customer experience, since Splunk’s software collects data on what customers do when they visit a website. The article explains,

“The new driver for Tableau expands the scope of how Splunk data can be used by the enterprise. It imports data captured by Splunk into Tableau’s data processing and visualization environment. As a result, business analysts can merge the event data generated by servers with other sources of data, which would potentially provide new insights into customer behavior or corporate operations…The connector is a ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver that is included in the Tableau 8.1.4 maintenance release.”

Splunk’s software was initially used more for finding issues in a system, but with the addition of analysis tools the software’s ability’s were broadened. Now instead of just noting trouble spots on a website, the software is used to discover patterns in customer behavior. The article uses the example of users filling shopping carts on a website but not making purchases. Splunk’s software is used by managers to pinpoint the issue that is causing that lack of follow-through. Whether or not the partnership of Tableau and Splunk will pay off remains to be seen.

Chelsea Kerwin, March 27, 2014

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