How-To Guide for Amazon Search

April 15, 2014

The article on Search Engine Journal titled The Power of Amazon Search lays out the five main components of Amazon search for Amazon authors. The first is content, but the other four are more strategic. SEO experts are exceptional information managers, and this article is built around the components of sales, keywords, category, and reviews. It compares Google search to Amazon when it comes to keyword, and arrives at the following conclusion:

“The difference between doing a search on Google vs. Amazon is that with Amazon you do not want to rely on long tail keywords. Instead, you want to find the exact words people use when searching for a book. Aim for shorter phrases that reflect traditional book browsing. Think “Indian Cookbook” versus “Cookbook of traditional Indian dishes”. For example… when you type in the word Entrepreneur in Amazon there are 22,145 results? Comparatively, when you type in entrepreneurship there are 36,899 results.”

The category component builds on the keyword idea. Instead of opting for the broadest category, the article suggests narrowing your focus, and in turn your competition within a category. Similarly, the reviews component includes the advice to target the top reviewers, and aim for quality over quantity. It also links to Amazon’s Review Hall of Fame as a starting place.
Chelsea Kerwin, April 15, 2014

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